Are you OK?


I need help now

If you or your family are in immediate danger don't be afraid to call the police on 999. Otherwise please contact the Police on the non-emergency telephone number 101. 

During the COVID-19 restrictions, if you need a safe space to contact services, Boots The Chemist is offering their private consultation rooms in stores with pharmacies. Ask at the pharmacy counter.  You can also approach staff at your child's school in Torbay if this is open (regardless of whether your child is currently attending).  Find a local safe space.

White Ribbon Campaign

White Ribbon is a campaign led by men to end male violence against women and girls. Check out what we did and how you can get involved.

Domestic Abuse Champions

Find out how to become the lead for domestic abuse issues within your organisation to support, help and advise victims of domestic abuse.

If your partner or someone in your family is hurting your mind or your body that’s not OK.

Support is available during COVID-19. See the articles section for more info and use the Directory

I Need Help

Help is available from people who won't blame or judge you.

I'm worried about someone

Help and advice if someone is hurting a person you care about.

Sexual Violence and Abuse

Advice if someone has or is hurting you in any kind of a sexual way.


Find services locally and nationally that can help you whatever your situation.

I'm a young person

If someone who you are close to is hurting you, it’s not your fault. Find help near you.

I'm a professional

Information, advice and training to help you help others.

Am I hurting someone?

You are responsible for your actions. Advice if you genuinely want to change how you behave.


Videos to raise awareness of domestic abuse and challenge stereotypes.

Support if you have been the victim of rape, sexual violence or abuse

Whilst some sexual offences are carried out by strangers, most incidents of rape, sexual violence or sexual abuse will be carried out by someone known to you.  This could be an acquaintance or, more likely, someone you know well.  No matter what the connection, there is no excuse for these actions and they are criminal acts.  Whether your experiences are current, recent or happened a long time ago, support continues to be available during the current COVID-19 restrictions and an agreement has been reached between the police and the Crown Prosecution Service that you won't get into trouble if it happened because current restrictions were breached. 

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